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Everyone wants to earn money from their respective embedded skills among the individuals. As we all know, different people possess different kinds of skills and abilities. Everyone wants to secure their innovation and also wants to ensure that no one benefits from their idea, which they also want to secure.

In history, we can see people try to annex one state over another to get the maximum benefit from the relative location's resources, and that particular state didn't get any kind of consideration in monetary value in return. Human beings were always very keen to capture resources to maximise their own power with the help of land, labour, and capital. People's skills and identities were not at all secure; whomever wants to use the idea, skill, or artwork, they easily use the work .

After gaining knowledge through discourses, people become aware of their respective rights, in other words, human rights, LGBTQ Rights and intellectual property rights. A revolution in technological advancements has shaken the world, due to which intellectual property rights have become ineffective somewhere in the present world as well as in the ancient world. After the evolution of the Intellectual Property Rights Law, order and justice have been maintained.

Historical Perspective
After feudalism, colonialism, and revolution, people started protecting their rights and skills. I started thinking about the law and order in society.

In the Reformation period, people started realising the corrupt practises in the church and around the world. As the great philosopher Hegel said, society keeps on developing.