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US Incorporation

Register a Company in the USA from India- an Overview

The United States of America has a multicultural population and a sizable English-speaking population. It is generally friendly to foreign firms due to its diversity. The US market is open for business options from all over the world. You can incorporate a company in the USA from India easily by getting in touch with Actolegal. This will prove to be a fantastic opportunity and provides added tax advantages to your business.

It is very simple to establish a US corporation for your business as it has an economy fourteen times larger than India's and offers one of the most hospitable environments for Indian enterprises to readily thrive. As a result, a non-resident seeking US incorporation must follow all standard US business procedures in the same way as a resident, plus a few additional legalities.

Why Is It Advantageous for Indian Businesses to Register a US Company?

The US has well-developed company laws and regulations. Apart from this it also has extremely low corporate income tax rates. These are the primary advantages of incorporating a company in the USA

On the other hand the state laws and regulations that each state in the US are highly different from one another. It is wise to incorporate your firm in order to obtain a Foreign Qualification Certificate. This certificate is necessary if your company is heavily reliant on one specific state and its demand for your services. However, Delaware, Wyoming, and Nevada in particular offer the most favorable tax and business legislation, making incorporation commonplace for businesses. Delaware is believed to have no state sales taxes and an extremely low franchise tax rate for small US firms. It doesn't require any residence to individually pay corporate income tax.

Information and Documents Necessary for Company Incorporation in the US

  • Company name
  • Type of business
  • Physical US address for a registered business
  • (Y/N) Registered agent (in case of having another address it is mandatory to provide under the section)
  • Business partner's name (s)
  • Addresses of partners in business (s)
  • Possession: (%)

Documents Needed to Register a US Company

  • PAN Card
  • Passport
  • Aadhaar card
  • Company incorporation details
  • Other crucial information

Related Business Registrations

Depending on the type of business activity engaged in, a business may need additional registrations in addition to registration or incorporation. Find out what registrations your business might need after registration by speaking with an advisor from Actolegal.

Company Registration Types from India in the United States

The United States of America has different laws and rules governing the creation and upkeep of businesses. In the USA, there are five different kinds of companies that are typically registered.

  • S Corporations
  • Corporate entities (C-corp)
  • nonprofit organisations
  • Limited Liability Businesses (LLCs)
  • Single-person businesses

FAQ about US-Incorporation