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Indian Patent Search - Overview

A patent allows the owner to prevent anyone else from constructing, using, having to import, or selling their Invention without their permission. Before providing a patent a complete survey is conducted in order to make sure that the invented procedure or process is unique. This involves analyzing the entire database of the nation's patent authority for a specific project that is similar to the applicant's discovery.

To sum it up, a patentability search is an investigation of the patent database to see if there are any patent applications that are similar or identical to the invention being patented. A patent search can be conducted to improve one's chances of obtaining a patent registration or to learn about new inventions that are patentable.

The Value of Patent Search

A patent search can help with multiple objectives before filing a patent application. It can help in

  • Calculating the likelihood of a proposed invention receiving a patent
  • Selecting which patent rights to incorporate into the patent application
  • Determining operating freedom
  • Determining whether a granted patent can be declared invalid
  • Knowing more about related inventions and the status of related patent filings.

Indian Patent Search In Case Of Infringement

Having a registered patent will provide exclusivity to the applicant and their discovery. Every year thousands of patents are applied to the patent attorneys. In most cases the patents are not approved due to multiple reasons. One of the prime reasons is that the particular invention is similar to an already prevalent invention. In order to avoid the situation it is highly recommended to conduct an in depth patent search in India through Actolegal. Our experts will thoroughly analyse all the publications and existing inventions or applications that already have a patent.

Documents Required for Patent Registration in India

For patent filing in India, the following documents are mandatory

  • Detailed specifications (in English)
  • Diagrammatic representation of your inventions
  • Names, addresses, and nationalities of the inventor
  • Applicants' names, addresses, and nationalities
  • If the application is filed with the help of a patent attorney then legal authority should be submitted
  • The signature of the inventor has to be present on all the assignment date and application form
  • Along with this data all the information regarding similar applications filed in different countries has to be provided
  • The priority application to be verified in English (required for convention applications)
  • And a verified PCT application in English should be submitted. The verification can also be conducted by a patent agent on behalf of the applicant
  • Any form of priority application should be provided on the request of the controller. This is technically followed for convention applications but in some cases it is also used for national application
  • List of sequences in computer-readable text format (if any) (There is no need to submit a print form)
  • If the patent involves usage of any form of biological material then it should provide a return permission from the national biodiversity authority.

How to Conduct a Patent Search Through Actolegal?

Actolegal offers the best patent search services in India. The process is extremely simple.

  • Reach out to experts at Actolegal . Our expert patent attorneys will get in touch with you soon and resolve all your queries regarding patent search. Subsequently you should provide all the required documentation for conducting an in depth patent search
  • Make sure to provide the uses of the invention, advantages over the present products, and other crucial information. Analyzing all the data, our experts will conduct a patent search. Based on various factors the overall time required to conduct this patent search will be determined
  • As soon as the patent search is completed the patent status will be analysed and the information will be shared to the applicant. You can easily register your patent in India through Actolegal experts.

Pros of Patent Registration in India

Patent filing in India provides major advantages.

  • The patent is seen as a form of incentive and is used to provide exclusive rights to the inventor. Whenever an applicant receives a patent they enjoy complete rights over their invention. This protects the invention from being copied or used illegally without the inventor's permission
  • The registered patent can be used as an intellectual property by the inventor. The inventor has the rights to transfer the patent or sell it as per their will. The patent holder can effectively protect their rights
  • Patents being a form of intellectual property can be sold, brought and leased out as per the holders will
  • The patent holder can also transfer it in the form of an asset or property to another person
  • A patent protected commodity definitely improves a particular perception from the masses and propels business. Having a patent provides rights for the company to charge a premium amount for their commodity
  • By registering a patent the holder gains major power for a period of 20 years and more.

Patent Filing Online in India

It is mandatory to register your patent as soon as possible. The person who has a patent for the invention first hand gets major authority rather than the person who invented it. Actolegal can assist you with e-filing of a patent in India. You can file both temporary and permanent patents with us.

Initially You must offer all necessary documentation when applying for a design patent. We will look into all possible details, such as the invention's potential applications across industry sectors and benefits over existing products. Subsequently We will complete the registration. Our patent attorneys will help you throughout the process.

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